Saturday, May 1, 2010

Since we're on the subject...

Since we're on the subject of loving our readers today, I thought it would be a good idea to show mine some love as well! Now, I have only been writing Fan Fic for about...8 months or so, but in that time I have found some of the most loyal, most lovable people in the world!

We'll start with Bec.
She is definately my muse. She is always there to help me out of a block, and help me mash out somethingworth reading. Bec is an author in her own right, and is one of the best young writers I have ever seen!
Her stories are well thought out, and they just get better and better.
She has been with me from day one, and I am so thankful for her encouragement, and her support.

Next, there's Kas.
Kas is the reason I started writing Fan Fic, and the reason I love Draco Malfoy :) Reading her work is always exciting. Even when I re-read her work, I am amazed. She is a wonderful writer, and a huge support for me. Her current story has me on the edge of my seat and wanting more.
I don't know what it is about her version of Draco, but I am hooked.
Kas is becoming a muse for me as well, and I am thankful for her help.

We'll do Kerry next.
KJ is another of my readers who writes and I love her work. She can do comedy, (Her PPP version of Deathly Hallows is amazingly hillarious...) and she can do romance. In her long term fic, she has kindly added us, her readers into the story. She has taken a minor character (Seamus Finnegan) and turned him into a completely real, fleshed out character who is so easy to love.
Kerry has been there from the beginning too, always willing to give her oppinion and her feedback.

Ah, Siobhan. I actually met her in a completely different forum (The thinking thread) and we just clicked. I havent read any of her work, but I have no doubt that what she does is amazing. She has a wondeful imagination, and when trying to figure out the problems in my Fic, she comes up with completely different story lines that blow me away!

Then theres Kimmy!
Kim started reading my fics on a whim, and I am so glad she did. She keeps me thoroughly entertained, on HPANA and on Facebook. She has just started a Fic with her dear Husband, and I am so glad she stalked me for it. It is gripping and I cant get enough.
She poses the question of What If? and they are doing a stupendous job of telling us the answers! Cheers Kim!

Last but not least...
There is Stefanie. Stefanie is more of the silent reader type, but when she gives input, it is well worth it. She is insightful, and doesnt miss a thing!

Thats it for my faithful readers. I love you all!


  1. Aww thanks so much, Leesh!! I'm so glad I convinced you to start fanfiction.. I love your stories!! *uberglomps*

  2. Readers are the BEST, aren't they. I really need to get back to reading and commenting at HPANA... I've been AWOL for ages, but I recognize how regular readers really propel you as a writer--the encouragement, the accountability. I NEVER would be where I am with my writing without my HPANA readers who read me first.

    In fact several of that batch of my FIRST first readers make up the Burrow, my writer's group.

  3. Oh Kas--No need to thank me! Without your inspiration I would never have found two of my great loves in life...Fan Fiction, and Draco *squeezes Draco like a Kitty* *Squeezes Kas even more*
    I am glad you love my stories, it means so much to me! *uberglomps back*

    Readers ARE the very best! I get so much encouragement and love from mine that I am amazed!
    You definately need to get back to HPANA...I am waiting on updates for Albus and Mrs. S!
    You are definately one of the GREATS, and I miss laughing...and you gave me another love in life...Cross Dressing Death Eaters!